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Find out where to find information on the Board of Education, Pittsburgh Public schools, and local colleges and universities.


You can access School Report Cards at as part of the PA System of School Reporting. These evaluations provide information to help you assess schools and make decisions regarding your child ?s education.


PA Dept. of Education

Find out anything you would need to know about schools in PA. The website is full of information.



Board of Public Education

341 S. Bellefield Ave

Phone: 412-622-3500



  Elementary Schools


Carlow College Campus School

An independent, Catholic day school located on Carlow ?s campus. It is open to males and females and offers pre-kindergarten ? Eighth grade.

3333 Fifth Ave.

Phone: 412-578-6368


School for Blind Children

Conveniently located in North Oakland, the school for blind children offers classes for young children up to age 21. The school integrates therapy and education.

201 N. Bellefield Ave.




St. Agnes School

K-8th grade

120 Robinson St.

Phone: 412-682-1129


Frick International Studies Academy

?The centralized location facilitates the transportation of the majority of the six hundred fifty students in grades (6-8), who travel by school bus from all parts of the city, or walk from the Oakland community. The location also offers unique opportunities for partnerships in the community for our students who come from a wide range of cultural and economic backgrounds. All students are recognized as unique individuals with specific strengths, weaknesses, needs, and ambitions. Our school, a Pittsburgh Public School, is one of a limited number of K-12 sequential programs in the United States.?

107 Thackery Ave.

Phone: 412-622-5980



  High Schools


Central Catholic High School

All male, Catholic high school.

4720 Fifth Ave.

Phone: 412-621-8189


Oakland Catholic High School

Across from St. Paul ?s cathedral, Oakland Catholic is an all female, Catholic high school.

144 North Craig Street


Phone: 412-682-6633


Schenley High School (Pittsburgh Public School)

Schenley High School for grades 9-12 located in the center of this thriving academic and civic community. Schenley High School has a diverse student body of approximately 1,300. Within this 1,300 there is a wide range socio-economic levels and highly diverse  ethnic and racial backgrounds. According to the website, ?students come from all over the city for the International Studies/International Baccalaureate and Technological Studies magnets, the Schenley Spartan Classics, the Center for Advanced Studies and the Schenley-Pittsburgh Ballet Theater collaborative program.?

4101 Bigelow Blvd.


Phone: 412-622-8200


St. Paul ?s Cathedral School

136 North Craig St.

Phone: 412-621-7023

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Drivers Education
Driving Schools

Driving Schools


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